Days of unfed conversations had with you,

all too miserable to think about again.

Not wanting to believe its true;

while you waited for that one blame

To run away, when you’ve been drifting everyday.

“It happened suddenly.”- I convinced myself


Outside A Mortuary

Turbid silence and nihilistic groans

finessed my ears as I walked past,

Flinched and tried to leave it condoned

as a newlywed shrieks in aghast.

Vain attempts and sympathies surround

as she embraced his shroud,

her helpless shrill filled the morning sky,

Sunday Sonnets

Between the tumultuous moments of wandering on my feed,

I mustered the courage to find your name in the herds of similar faces.

you showed up, aching the memories i once had put to sleep.

I  bewildered on our left traces.

Your jaws held the familiar smile, when I bump a silly joke to amuse you

Those eyes shone, like the last lantern put on display,

Echoing the laughs we shared, in my head it all felt new.

I stride across the dawn, wondering how well were your days,

Its been five long years, going without a scrap of news

we all vowed to call, twice a week, and remember birthdays,

life parted us in other ways, yet here I am;

sitting on an old attic with old mental pictures to weigh.

I finally texted to see in how far have you changed, and nothing except greetings!

True friends does last a lifetime.





Amid those beautiful days,

sits my soul in tranquility,

sulking for her own mistakes;

and making thy feel guilty.

I call it exasperating,

and I hate myself for this,

It went so intoxicating,

and I mistook it for a bliss.

standing by, and glancing at the wind;

and wondering on my sane.

For something I hastened having,

and wished having it again!

Silence inside me wanted to see,

the truth behind that death;

And what made thou so weak

that made thee forget my worth.

Something takes away a loved one from me

As soon as I dream about them;

Wouldn’t leave the question with glee!

For what I call it a regret,

for which I was torn apart,

for which I still fume and fret.

Unabashed From The Chaos

It took me a while to clear the haze. Days go on with my thoughts rounding off to you. Weak memories keep me insanely awake that drives me more towards you. We held hands to the very last grip of our insanely flattering relationship. Nevertheless, it went crashing on a dead end. Though each day starts and ends with you.

I baptize my mornings in dry tears and your memories welcome me with dreary eyes, wishing not being pushed away. You behold my scarred little heart with the best of your care, but its only happening in my mind.

That’s what you were; always skeptical, never sure. But I fell anyway. Maybe that’s how I Always wanted. It feels so familiar to fall for you.

You are that uncertain rush of hormones, one gets when they see an attractive person. Obviously harmful, yet so desirable. You are an undescribed poetry, I’d not touch knowing it will bleed my hands; yet I write it for myself, believing someday reading it to you would feel different.

They told you to fearlessly pursue the things you love, but for at what expense?